Sentex Autokey

Sentex Autokey Remote

Sentex Autokey remotes offer access solutions for apartments, commercial properties, and homeowners. It offers both ease of installation and programming as well as trusted security from Sentex Systems. Auto key remotes come in both large visor remotes as well as mini keychain versions. If you would like to purchase these remotes, please click on the "purchase" link above.

Where can I buy a complete Autokey Receiver system?

Sentex Autokey Receiver

Unfortunately, Sentex has stopped manufacturing their Sentex Autokey receiver units. However, these receivers and antennas can still be ordered from TD Supplies. Note that there is FULL assembly required. Thus ordering a new receiver is recommended for gate technicians. TD Supplies currently offers Sentex Autokey receiver boards for around $250 each. However, you should contact a salesman to confirm pricing.

What do I need to do to get my remote to work?

Sentex Autokey remotes will not work straight out of the box. The remotes must first be programmed to the receiver. To do this you must have access to the central programmer. This is typically a silver box with an antenna on the top. However, some systems utilize a system that operates with a computer over a phone line. This is a security feature that prevents someone from being able to purchase a Sentex Autokey remote and use it to open your gate without permission.

To receive instructions on how to proram your Autokey remote, please visit their product information page.

What do I need to know to order replacement remotes?

Sentex Autokey Buttons

The information on the back or your remote will indicate how to buy the correct remote. The first thing to notice is the facility code. This is the number such as FC30, FC31, or FC32. This code must match the code that you are ordering or else the remotes will not be able to be programmed.

The second thing to look for is the bit configuration. Most Autokeys come in 30-Bit configurations. This is most commonly indicated with the 30-01 in the lower left hand. If this is not your bit configuration then you will most likely need to special order them.

The next thing to look for is the number in the lower right corner. It will most likely be two letters followed by three numbers. The two letters indicate the type. A KR, such as KR295, indicates Keychain Remote. A VS, as in VS295, indicates Visor Remote. The three numbers afterwards indicate the autokey transmitters frequency. The most common frequency is 295 MHz, although Sentex also manufactures 303 MHz versions. A 295 MHz frequency remote will not work with a 303 MHz system, or vise-versa.

What if I need just one remote?

Autokey Buttons

Since the Sentex Autokey system is intended for commercial use, individual remotes are generally not sold. However, TD Supplies keeps a wide range of individual remotes. Please call for availablility.